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i-DIG gardening & landscaping services
sample services

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Garden Maintenance

Services range from providing a regular landscape maintenance program through offering a helping hand a couple of times per year.

Feed and Fortify

i-DIG soil amendments range from all natural and/or organic, solids and liquids, through the application of beneficial organisms that are custom brewed on our premises, utilizing an active aeration technology.

Beneficial Organisms

There is no better long term care for your gardens and lawn than a healthy soil, teaming with beneficial organisms. An injection of beneficial organisms via an actively aerated microbial drench, populates your soil with 'nature's engineers' that convert non-soluble nitrogen and mineral solids into 'plant available' nutrients.

Beneficial organisms in your soil are also responsible for aeration which minimizes compaction, and serve our lawn and gardens as their 'primary defence' against disease.

Landscape Design

Timeless landscape design, harmonizes appearance with function. Tracey's combined background in horticulture, space planning, and graphic design brings a unique level of expertise to her design services.

Curb Appeal - Touch Up

Are you selling your home or wanting to attract long-term, quality renters? A well tended property with a few strategically placed, aesthetically significant, plants can make all the difference.


Many of the nutrients that healthy plants require, exist in their leaves. By mulching your fallen leaves, and applying them to your garden beds and lawn, you are not only providing your plants an excellent source of nutrients, you are also providing them protection against winters drying winds and frost upheaval. As an added bonus, mulch dramatically reduces spring weed germination. Typically amounting to three to five weeks less weeding in the spring.