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i-DIG gardening references
happy clients

Kind words and testimonial excerpts from a few i-DIG clients...

“We’re delighted with i-Dig and Tracey and her crew. Tracey knows so much about soil and plants. She treats our garden like it was her own. Tracey has also done two design and installations for us. One extends along our property between the city sidewalk and a tall cedar hedge,  and it’s been such a hit with neighbours and passersby! I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had such delightful comments from perfect strangers!  The other design/installation is new and it promises to be as charming as Tracey’s earlier work. It’s been such a pleasure working with Tracey in our garden.”

Jan Fialkowski                     Blair Armitage
Executive Director               Regional Director
University Neighbourhoods Association                       Golf Canada
Vancouver, BC, V6S 0B3         

"I write to recommend the garden design and garden maintenance services provided by i-Dig Gardening and its owner Tracey Loslo.  

I had Tracey redesign and replant my back yard, which was a large and partly overgrown space, and do the same for my front yard. The front yard project followed the backyard by two years, and included the removal of the old grass and various plant material, and the selection and installation of new trees, shrubs, perennials and spring bulbs. The hardscape aspects of the project were subcontracted by Tracey; it included a new paving stone driveway, short retaining wall, and road-side guest parking area.

i-DIG Gardening has also done the maintenance of the trees and flower beds in my yard for the past five years. In all these endeavors, Tracey has provided natural, creative and easy-care solutions, attractive results, and polite service.  i-Dig and its personnel always leave the site clean and tidy.  i-Dig is vastly superior to the two garden designers and the garden maintenance service I used previously.

Three features of i-Dig that I especially value are Tracey’s willingness to consult with me about my wishes for design, to explain the advantages of her green approach and products, and to provide more than one design for my approval.   The new kitchen garden, front gardens, side garden and back shrub and flower beds, and the over-all appearance of my yard has been immeasurably improved.  The neighbours and even passers-by have commented on the improvement."

Mary Lynn Stewart FRSC
Professor Emeritus
Simon Fraser University


I am writing in support of Tracey Loslo’s, i-DIG Gardening business, not only as a very happy consumer of her unique gardening services, but as one keenly aware of the need for new ways to approach residential garden care as an essential component of caring for our planet.

Tracey and her i-DIG garden crew are a popular fixture in our close knit, Queens Park, New Westminster community, easily recognized by bikes and carts with clean, modern looking branding.  This mode of transportation means, of course, that her environmental footprint is minimized, and it requires that most of the pruned and trimmed plant material is composted or used as mulch and stays on site.  Invasive plants are carefully removed and used to educate the homeowner on what to watch for and remove in the future.

Tracey also encourages a rethinking and repurposing of existing plants and material, minimizing cost and environmental impact.  And in addition to Tracey’s quick tips on mulching and weeding, she provides soil assessments and can create custom blends of natural/organic amenders for rejuvenating spent soils.  On Tracey’s first visit to my garden, I was thrilled to learn I was doing a few things right; my soil was in good shape and there was no need to bring in loads of unnecessary compost.  Small amendments could be made, more efficiently and with far less negative impact.

Tracey has also enriched our knowledge with organized public speaking engagements, sharing information regarding plant and soil life and the impact of the application of natural/organic fertilizers and amenders.  She reminds a community that could be very susceptible to a “more is better” gardening approach that small is not only beautiful, but smart and right, for our homes and our planet.  

As someone who teaches university students about environmental risk and the need to clearly communicate risk and benefit, I continue to be amazed and grateful for Tracey’s friendly, enthusiastic, environmentally sound, and educated approach to the little piece of the planet that I care for.  Her visits remind me that I’m doing my part.  And my reward is a residential garden that brings me an enormous amount of pride and joy.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Lori L. Walker
Instructor, Communication Studies, Capilano University and New Westminster Resident.


Tracey Loslo and I have worked for the past three years designing and implementing a significant reworking of my residential gardens, which required a complete makeover of my entire yard. What impressed me the most was Ms. Loslo's attention to detail and her use of technology in her designs and execution of her plans. Tracey presented me with numerous CAD printouts of her ideas which she could change in an instant as we negotiated the design of the yard. She was able to access species of trees, shrubs and flowers directly from her tablet computer and illustrate how it would look in the overall design.

One of the most compelling features of Ms. Loslo's company, i-DIG, was her environmentally responsible business model. From the first time Tracey and her employees arrived on their efficient  and innovative folding bicycles and tool carts, to her installation of a state of the art composting machine, it was clear that Tracey's business focus was not only on profits but on education and environmental responsibility. Many of the materials used in this project were formulated by Ms. Loslo and created on site, including her own soils, mulches and plant food.

Yours truly,

Angela S. Kerslake Law Corporation
Per: Angela S. Kerslake


Due to the nature of my business, presentation and first impressions of the home from a guest perspective are of paramount importance.  My property has a fairly large garden and I decided that hiring a professional gardener for ongoing maintenance was essential. After doing a fair amount of research and a less than perfect experience with the first person I hired, I decided on I-Dig Gardening.

I was impressed with Tracey's knowledge of plants, her willingness to fit into my schedule and her reliability. I loved the fact that she was conscious of the environment and used bicycles to get around whenever possible. Another thing that I found reassuring was Tracy’s ability to reuse a plant by moving it to a better area of the garden after an explanation as to why it was necessary. Thanks to her I have a wonderful display of Hostas that originate from a couple of mature plants.

Tracey discussed many aspects of the garden with me so that when decisions needed to be made, I was clear as to why I was making them. She assisted me with protecting my vulnerable plants from insects in a natural way, particularly with respect to slugs and snails which seem to thrive in my garden in some areas. She helped me with mulching the soil both from a boosting the soil, to keeping in moisture points of view. In addition she had an innovative solution to creating some container plantings in strategic locations without it becoming a huge expense.

My husband even discussed a moss issue that we have on our roof and Tracy provided him with beet pellets to test out to see if it would reduce the growth in a natural way. She also assisted with some weed control on a gravel path that did not include chemicals of any kind.

We are grateful for all her hard work and will miss her hugely now that she is relocating her business to Lund.

Yours truly,

Johanna Rundell
Lavender House Bed & Breakfast


"We found out about Tracey and i-DIG and asked her to give us some help with our overgrown gardens.  She has been extremely helpful in designing and planning the new layout, which included the selection and planting of appropriate plants for each area.  It looks beautiful and the plants are thriving!!

Tracey is very knowledgeable and professional and is very conscious of making changes in an eco-friendly way.   We found Tracey's rates to be reasonable and the agreed upon work was done on time and on budget.
We would not hesitate to recommend Tracey and her team to anyone wishing to redesign or even just improve areas of  their outdoor garden space.   She is a top drawer professional!!"
Brian and Connie Davis

I would like to provide my endorsement of Tracey Loslo and her business i-DIG.

My strongest testament to Tracey’s innovation is that I am one of her loyal customers.  She has made me look like the gardener I am not, and educated me in function over form in the
yard. I truly believe that since using Tracey’s services I have healthy dirt and happier plants.  I believe she has also brought small business “community” and sustainability back to our neighborhood.  She blends modernly innovative, sustainable techniques, the latest landscaping knowledge and digital marketing practises with a bygone approach to sales.   

Tracey embraces something fundamentally missing in the business world today – accessibility. Likening it to the days of the horse and milkcart in the neighborhood, where everyone waved and shouted-out to the milkman as he went by neighbor to neighbour, day after day.  You see Tracey daily in the neighbourhood, working in someone’s yard as she speaks to
her “next customer” who has stopped to ask what she is planting.  It is hard not to notice as she or her staff, peddle by in their signed carts loaded down with the tools of the trade. (She does have a truck for moving dirt and plants).

Innovation today is also recognizing what we have lost.  These are the days when people want to know “where their food comes from”, and that it isn’t impacted by insecticides.  Farmer’s markets are growing all over North America, as fast as the produce they sell; people want to speak directly to those that farm it.  Those that are growing their own food in their backyard also want to know “where their dirt is coming from and that it is a quality that will sustain them and their produce”. Those greening their outside living spaces want to know how to do so naturally. Tracey is leading in what is becoming a world-wide grass-roots movement, and I support her healthy efforts and triple bottom-line of people, profit, and earth (dirt and planet!).


Mari-Lou Shoulak
Principal, In House Media & Marketing


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the innovative and welcoming services that Tracey Loslo has achieved with i-DIG gardening. For months I saw i-DIG’s bicycle carts filled with gardening supplies riding about and parked all over New Westminster. When I finally made my first call to Tracey, I realized I had truly found someone that had begun something straight from her heart and that passion would change every garden she touched.

The bicycle carts that she and her employees traveled on were the first and most visual step within the community, however Tracey’s knowledge and use of organics were what hooked me. With small children who love to play in the garden, chemicals were not something I wanted to use. Our garden was in pretty bad shape and after a full season of i-DIG’s services, it was well on its way to being healthy and thriving again. Tracey flooded it with a custom blend of organic fertilizers. Plants that I thought were on their last legs were either given a healthy dose of nutrients or placed in another area where they began to take on a new life. Tracey is also a big fan of dividing plants that are getting too large and placing them in new areas saving us money and at the same time filling our garden.

Tracey’s visit began to be the highlight of the week for my daughters as well, I would see them outside full of questions and Tracey always taking the time to fill them with information. From explaining what worm “poop" did for the plants to what plants were edible. Which said plants would then find their way to our salads that evening. I have never met someone that has so much love and wonder for weeds! The gardens that i-DIG gets the pleasure of working on, are very lucky gardens indeed, and the families that get to enjoy Tracey’s services should be envied.

Katrina Swain


"A good friend of mine hired Tracy of i-DIG a year ago to spruce up her front yard. I had been impressed with how Tracey was able to take full advantage of an existing garden by relocating some plants, buying a few new ones, and re-shaping the curve of the garden. All small changes on their own but together they resulted in a fabulous new garden. So it was with excitement that I hired Tracey to assist me with my garden. I needed advice on plant re-location, tree selection, weed control, and soil improvements. The immediate improvement in appearance and vitality was incredible. And because I love to garden, I worked along side Tracey and learned more about my garden from Tracey than I could have from any book. Thank you Tracey for a wonderful day of gardening and conversation."

Jonina Campbell, MA
Board Chair
New Westminster Board of Education


When my husband and I moved to New Westminster almost two years ago to buy our first (85 year old!) home and set down roots, we inherited a stunning but overwhelming garden with 80 rosebushes, an enormous hibiscus, a couple of fungus-ridden fruit trees and a variety of other interesting and beautiful plants.  Right away we knew we needed help, so we took to the internet to see what New Westminster had to offer. We came across an article in the local newspaper about Tracey and her business.  Reading the article, we could tell right away that her approach to innovation, sustainability, business, service, relationship, gardening and landscaping would probably mesh with our own approach and views.  We were right. I sent Tracey an email and she got back to me within an hour or two. That was the first of many great emails we exchanged about our garden, its potential, how to care for it and where we could take it in the future.  We set up a meeting at the house to survey and analyze the garden and our needs.  It still is, to this day, one of my most enjoyable “first meetings” with someone I would end up working with.  

Tracey has unparalleled passion, enthusiasm and so much knowledge (I’m amazed by what she knows, particularly with respect to the science, research and organic sides of things) and we spoke for ages.  After our meeting, Tracey pulled out a tablet and took down a handful of notes. She later sent me a fantastic multi-page questionnaire for my husband and I to complete when we had time, as an exercise in determining what we wanted our garden to look like going forward. What really, really struck me was that the relationship we were about to embark on with Tracey was clearly not about dealing with a young couple with an unruly garden in order to pay her bills.  Rather, Tracey’s business was unlike others we had researched in that she and it are highly responsive, innovative, creative and focussed on relationships and on being environmentally friendly and sustainable.  We were and are excited and proud to be working with Tracey and her crew.  It was also clear as Tracey and I parted ways that day, that Tracey was keen to help us plan our garden, passionate about educating us and wanted to make sure we did not try to do too much too soon – all things that really resonated with us.

Another thing we appreciated was that while some people said we needed to get rid of all the roses, the overwhelming day lilies and a variety of other plants that just seemed to be too much, Tracey talked to us about how they could be moved, split up, reutilized and repurposed.  With respect to a couple of very large rhododendrons I really thought I did not want to

keep, she even said she would be able to find alternate homes for them if I did not keep them.  That kind of advice was exactly why we chose Tracey and her company – we loved that

she was not just interested in putting in time and making a dollar but rather cared about the environment, plants and minimizing waste. We were also really interested and intrigued when Tracey told us she mixed her own organic fertilizers and soil amendments.  Again, this is something appealing to us so immediately we started to use them.

I loved when we would be walking our dogs through the neighbourhoods in New Westminster, and we would see one of the i-Dig bikes parked outside a residence and Tracey and her crew working in the yard.  We would exchange hellos, and it really added to a sense of community when in Metro Vancouver, it can be difficult to find and feel that community connection. In the same vein, it did not surprise me at all when I saw that Tracey was engaged in public speaking events since I know how passionate she is about educating and giving back.  Similarly, we were excited about the organic veggie soil fundraiser she spearheaded, and many of our friends in New Westminster who are like minded also went to pick up soil and support the fundraiser. Yet again – educating people, and also providing a sense of community at a time and in a region where it can be hard to find that.

In closing, I should apologize for the length of this letter, but it is indicative of what an impact Tracey and i-Dig made with us.  We are sad to learn that she has relocated to Lund, but true to form and consistent with her passion for her work and for educating people, she has told us to email her anytime with questions!

Yours truly,

Shauna Towriss | Clark Wilson LLP


A few years ago our backyard was looking rather ugly because of the chafer beetle.  We contacted a well-known gardening center for grass removal and professional landscaping.  Unfortunately we were not particularly pleased with the results.

On one of our frequent walks through New Westminster we spotted a bike and cart with an i-Dig logo.  Since we liked the look of the landscaping work being done, we sought out the worker; who turned out to be Tracey Loslo, the owner of i-Dig.  We were impressed with her knowledge of organic gardening, and her friendliness.She offered a free 30-minute consultation in our garden.  

The consultation resulted in our hiring Tracey to:
•    rethinking the previous plan; designing a peaceful flow to the garden
•    asking for our input as to the ‘feel’ of our garden area
•    a personal, adaptable plan
•    repurposing plants installed by the previous landscaper
•    using natural organic amenders in the soil; very earth friendly
•    continued support when questions arose

We have been very pleased with our garden after i-Dig became involved.  The only problem I have is that the owner has moved to Lund, BC; much too far from New Westminster!

I highly recommend i-Dig, Tracey Loslo.  

Elaine Denny

Tracey, in our opinion, has developed an impressive organic gardening business, which responds to the concerns many people have today about the environment as well as their own personal safety and well being with respect to using chemicals and fertilizers.   Although there are many who advertise themselves as "organic or green" gardeners, Tracey stands out as someone who through her business lives and breathes what she does and is true to what she says she is about.   

Tracey is well known in our community.  We first noticed Tracey as many others do, riding her bike around the neighbourhood, pulling her gardening tools in a cart behind her.  Although this is simple, it is quite effective.  Tracey is very clearly communicating without words what her business is about.  Immediately we found that Tracey is very committed to what she advertises and communicates.  While her customers come first, and she will always listen to their needs and requests, Tracey will always provide services that fit within her belief system, one of caring for the environment.  Because of this, Tracey's customers respect her and what she does.  If something is not working, Tracey will find another way to better use it rather than throw it out.  She will always add organic materials and fertilizers to spent soil rather than replace it.  This reusing of existing materials fits in strongly with Tracey's commitment to organic and non-wasteful gardening.  

Tracey has exceptional business practices.  Next to the environment, her customers come first.  She provides a flexible service that allows for unexpected events and emergencies. Twice we have had to call on her to help us with urgent situations including a heritage home tour and a tv show.  She was able to quickly help us out without compromising any of her other customers.  She is well organized, positive and pleasant to work with.  Her employees are well trained and uphold the beliefs that are the foundation of her business.  All in all, not a single area is not attended to.  After dealing with so many different businesses, we find this part most innovative!

Tracey is very informative and shares her knowledge with others informally and at public speaking engagements too.  Again, this fits with her creative way of providing service to the community in a way that fits with her belief system.  This in turn has led to her success in providing something new and innovative what we could call a very old industry.  

Jennifer Crews and Lee Cowley

Once you meet Tracey, you will quickly realize, that not only have you hired an expert in the field, you have also gained a professional and a friend that is willing to pour heart and soul into making your projects, however big or small, work for you.

Tracey’s knowledge of plants, their environment, and growing conditions is second to none. Her ability to help us plan the location of plants was extremely helpful.  We were very disappointed when Tracey moved from New Westminster as she was a wonderful resource for ideas and for garden and landscaping supplies. The quality of the plants and soil that she offered were also top notch.

Sincerest regards,
Tom and Margaret.

"In 2010 Tracey came and helped straighten and clean up a very overgrown flower garden. Five years later, she continues to help out every spring.  She has done an excellent job and is very hard working.  Tracey knows about plants, what is best for the plants…..even all their names. Tracey is very honest. She quotes how long it would take for her to complete the job and is true to her word. She is a very pleasant, positive and happy person; a true joy to be around. I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone, who requires help in their garden."

Rita from New Westminster


"Dear Tracey, I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the results of your lawn treatments. The grass is looking so much healthier and has come back much thicker and a darker green. We appreciate your efforts very much.
Thank you."

Charlene von Riedemann
Peter von Riedemann


"I have had i-DIG Gardening look after my front yard gardening needs for three years. I am very satisfied with the services i-DIG provides.  Several of my neighbours have asked  who is doing such a good job. Thanks, Tracey and your helpers"

Marilyn Parsons

“Thank you, Tracey, for your wonderful work on our yard! Everything looks lovely and it was such a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable about organic gardening. You took the time to explain everything to us each step of the way, so now, not only does our yard look bright and cheerful, our family is just a little brighter also!”
Cara Law


"It was an absolute pleasure having you help me with my garden.  You were both professional, and seemed to take a very personal interest in my garden. I really appreciated the approach you took."

Susan Hammond


"Tracey of iDIG gardening services has many excellent qualities. She is dependable, knowledgeable, hard working and imaginative, with very fair pricing and she's great fun to work with. Tracey is going to continue to work on my garden hopefully for many years to come."

Cheryl Po
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