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i-DIG gardening, Angela Kerslake Law Corporation, and Eco-Soil are co-sponsoring a 'Veggie Soil' fundraising event on Mother's Day weekend, May 10th during the huge, 2014 annual Queens Park Garage Sale.
▪          You can purchase a nutrient dense, organic veggie soil which will be available by the bag.  It’s a custom blend produced especially for i-DIG, by Eco-Soil Organic Compost [see ‘About the Soil’ below].

 ▪          The event will support Animal Aware, a hard-working NGO that saves malnourished and abused dogs & cats.

 ▪          I have attached a flyer below that has been produced for the event.

We can really use your help. Our little four legged friends will be ever so thankful… as you when you get to eat the delicious fruits of your labour, grown in the amazing nutrient dense soil.

 About the Soil

 ▪          A nutrient rich, high in microbial activity, trace elements & healthy bacteria soil that includes worm castings, compost tea, zeolite, certified organic mushroom compost, coco-coir, glacial rock dust and liquid fish fertilizer.

 ▪          We still need to iron out the details however I believe we will be selling the soil by +/- 10KG bag. Should you require a large quantity of bags of soil, please contact me and we can coordinate some being held in reserve for you.


We will be at the residence of Angela Kerslake at 323 Queens Ave, New Westminster, in the back alley.

About Animal Aware

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Thanks again… Tracey.

If you would like to reserve your soil ahead of time, please click here to email us.